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Name:Bobbi Gemma
Company:The Gemma Group
Country:United States of America
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Bobbi Gemma
Bobbi Gemma, MCC; providing Executive and personal coaching, training, consulting and speaking

The world has and is changing rapidly and radically. Are you and/or your business fully prepared to be responsive? If we don’t stay vigilant, we fall behind.
    As a development professional and Master Certified Coach, I have been supporting, guiding and helping people move forward toward success in life, career and business for 25 years.

I offer support and guidance in five formats:

Coaching – executive, leadership, individual, life, career, group/team (Team Advantage™ program)



Time and Energy Management

Essential Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders

Using Humor to Stimulate Creativity

Understand Yourself and Others (using DISC)



            DISC Style Analysis – Behavioral and communication

360 feedback – live interviews with customized questioning

Bar-On Emotional Intelligence

Leadership Spectrum – Leadership Priorities Inventory

PIAV – Values and Attitudes



Humor, Health and Stresslessness

Taking Care of the Little Girl Inside the Busy Woman

Time and Energy Management


   Empower Parties™

More than 30 topic modules – see for full listing

Coaching primarily to: 

·         Individuals moving through significant transition, growth and development


·         Teams seeking enhanced productivity and collaboration – real sustainable growth


·         Leaders (from new managers to C-level executives) desiring more effectiveness and efficiency


·         People wishing to move through life, business and career in a more purposeful, mindful and successful manner

Some of the benefits to you and/or your organization:

·         Enhanced executive and leadership skills

·         Quicker effectiveness of new managers

·         Enhanced and more collaborative teams

·         Faster readiness of high potential employees

·         Strengthened relationships

·         Fewer communication breakdowns and conflicts

·         Increased efficiency, effectiveness, productivity

·         Higher level of creativity and innovation

·         Maximize abilities, job satisfaction

·         Less change resistance and greater alignment with goals

·         Greater sense of happiness, health and well-being

       The world is moving too fast to put off getting the support you need to make things BETTER! Now - today –  is the very best time to get started. Call me and let’s chat about your business/your life. The first 30 minutes is on me – no push, no pressure, just a focus on you and your needs --you can’t lose!

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